Eu-China investment
The theme of the exhibition is “Collaborative Innovation between China and EU”.

Zhongguancun is a very important brand of China that allows the world to understand the “Zhongguancun model” and see the results of 40 years of reform and opening up of China and the engine of its development. it also allows the world to see the ideas, strategy and development measures of our country.

How China has used 40 years to become the second largest country in the world.

Nowadays, we must use the wisdom of the Chinese people to communicate with the world in the context of the “belt and the road” because of the differences of ideology, social formation, system and philosophy between many countries and China.

President Xie specifically spoke about the signing of the cooperation agreement between the “Belt and Road” and the 16 + 1 countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the creation of the “EU-China Belt-Road Cooperation Center”. During the meeting, President Xie stressed that we must constantly reflect on how certain problems between China, Europe and the world can be solved.

We need to let the world know what our philosophy is rather than simply exporting products abroad. What kind of wisdom, what kind of model and what kind of thinking should we take in the countries along the belt and road to really realize and put into practice the concept of the community of human destiny proposed by the President Xi? President Xie led the committee to launch the World Heart Network Project, which faithfully represents the concept of the community of human destiny.

We hope that our Chinese dream, the community of human destiny and the era of sharing, including the “Global Heart Network Project” put forward by the Committee, will continue to grow.

The first thing that was done after the return of European President Xie to Europe this year was to hold a round table on innovation education around the world.

President Xie summed up at the end: “What kind of model should be given and shared to the whole world in Zhongguancun’s Belt and Road?” I do not think it’s a simple model of Zhongguancun.

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