European SMEs have a lot to offer to the burgeoning market for water technology in China, but need a boost.

Since 2011, the Chinese government has committed to solving these problems by combining measures of allocation, efficient industrial use and water quality.

The EU-funded coordination and support action PIANO explored the potential of introducing innovative European water technologies in China.

“Therefore,” Dr Starkl continues, “For European companies in the water technology sector, productive results must involve strategic partnerships with Chinese institutes.” Establishing these partnerships was one of the main objectives. of PIANO ”

First, the team collected and evaluated candidate technologies from Europe and China. Technologies represent five sectors: agricultural, municipal and industrial water management, watershed management and water for energy.

“Nevertheless, the analysis compared innovation performance in the water sector very well, given the lack of information on how products are used or being developed in China,” Dr. Starkl.

The findings of the project were presented to the China-Europe Water Platform and will serve as a basis for the future actions of the organization.

The team concluded that China’s water technology market is feasible for European companies. With around 60 innovative technologies to offer in one of the world’s largest markets, European SMEs should benefit from the Chinese partnerships established by PIANO.

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