The increase in visitor numbers and investment in the EU and China was at the center of the recent meeting of the World Forum on Tourism Economy in Macao. Beijing has joined the EU to boost tourism on both sides.

“The EU itself and China are respectively the two largest regions in terms of departing passenger numbers and passenger capacity in these regions,” said Pansy Ho, vice president and general secretary of World Forum on Tourism Economics. The European Union was an official partner of the last forum, the year 2018 marking the year of EU-China tourism.

Pansy Ho added: “While we are very happy to allow more Chinese travelers to discover their experiences in Europe, we would also like to use this to help more Europeans learn more about their way of life. and come back to see how China is doing. ”

Eric Philippart, Special Advisor for the 2018 EU-China Tourism Year, explained the priorities in the partnership. The EU-China Virtual Travel Fair on Cultural Tourism was presented at the forum. Its recent opening, chaired by the Chinese president, was attended by participants in the tourism forum.

“The bridge is a very important infrastructure because it improves connectivity and we consider the bridge as a tourist attraction in itself,” said Maria Helena of Senna Fernandes, director of the Macao Tourism Board.

As China looks to the future, the EU is an important partner, particularly in the tourism sector, strengthening the ties that have been forged since the ancient Silk Road. Registration of a drone with the permission of the Government Information Office of the Macau Special Administrative Region.

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