On October 26, 2018, Ambassador Zhang Ming was invited to speak at the European Policy Center’s policy dialogue on “The EU-China Strategic Partnership for 15 Years: What Directions for the Future?”

Next 15 years? ” Mr. Gunnar Wiegand, EEAS Director General for Asia and the Pacific, also participated as lead speaker. Ambassador Zhang said that over the past 15 years, the overall strategic partnership between China and the European Union has been characterized by increased political trust, closer economic ties and more intense interpersonal exchanges.

Ambassador Zhang said that reform and openness were largely supported by 1.4 billion Chinese, and that the road ahead was long if China wanted further development. Last year, China took important steps to facilitate market access, strengthen intellectual property rights protection and increase imports. Many of these measures go beyond what China did when it acceded to the WTO and were taken voluntarily to meet the real need for its own development. A

mbassador Zhang emphasized that China’s openness is not about words but about actions and that European companies are among the first to benefit from these new measures. Ambassador Zhang said that history is a great source of inspiration. Stressing the importance of the overall strategic partnership between the EU and China, Wiegand said the EU and China are increasingly mature and trustworthy partners, with good cooperation in economic and social development, trade, cultural and inter-peoples relations, etc. .

Wiegand praised China’s moves to pursue reforms and openness, and said the EU was willing to strengthen cooperation with China in the future. Ambassador Zhang and Mr. Wiegand answered questions on BIT talks, WTO reform, and others.

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