In many ways, the world was just not ready for Chiat’s new way of working. Many companies are working to create workspaces that pay homage to Chiat’s thinking, but also adhere to the concept of activity-based work, which allows greater freedom of movement within an office.

Mollie West Duffy is an organizational designer at IDEO. For her, creating a healthy work environment begins with “the purpose, then the values, then the intentional design of behaviors, benchmarks, and rituals to support those values.”

Here the focus is on measuring the performance of the workers, not the number of hours they spend in the office. Popular with remote and distributed teams in the technology space, it also has the potential to be successfully applied in traditional work environments, especially those with significant employee disengagement.

Private spaces, such as libraries or study rooms, that provide a distraction-free space for individual work. The LEGO group, which recently launched an informal campus in Denmark, is a company focused on creating energy adapted to the workspace.

It is a space designed for equal work. Open offices offer significant benefits, including aligning workers with the company’s mission and improving collaboration.

As hierarchies collapse and organizational branches become more and more distant, it is essential to enable employees to create the environment that is best for them to create a highly functional enterprise.

The “Worker Everywhere” is not a traveling nomad, but a person empowered to work where they want, as they want and when they want.

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