In general, office space is one of the most important costs for a company and comes second only to staff salaries.

Fixed costs such as lease, facilities management, and utilities are one of the reasons why offices are so expensive.

Now, if you take into account additional costs such as repairs and replacements, infrastructure renovations, etc., the cost of not only having but operating and managing office space becomes quite high.

Cost and convenience are in fact one of the key benefits of using flexible workspace solutions.

You only pay for what you use, you do not have to worry about extra bills and you make sure every corner of the space works properly.

Cost and convenience are not the only benefits of flexible workspaces, and we must say that traditional offices have all the advantages of being able to design the space at your leisure and to buy the furniture you want.

Like flexibility in the lease and the amount of space you take, modern design and infrastructure, and Access to cutting-edge technology

Each business has different business needs and workspaces, and flexible workspaces can easily adapt to these needs, even as they evolve and evolve over time.

The benefits of equipped and hotel-focused workspaces have been the subject of numerous studies and reports in recent years, particularly with regard to the benefits and complementary services provided by these spaces for businesses of all sizes.

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