I’m sure you all know the ongoing debate about which office floor plan is better, more efficient and more productive: the open-plan office or the box farm. What is the solution? How do we create a work environment suited to each person’s style and personality?

You may think that it’s impossible to please everyone, but that’s why the flexible office space has been created. A flexible workspace allows multiple work environments that can be modified and reconfigured as needed. Flexible office spaces are also extremely cost-effective. This flexible office design is really the best of both worlds.

In a flexible workspace, I could work in a private office, a corner, a cubicle or a quiet workspace or simply separate myself behind a partition or a room divider. When I felt a little too far from reality, move my workspace to a living room or a group area.

Such office space deserves the praise of the media. Finally, an office layout that everyone can enjoy and appreciate, instead of listening and reading about the constant battle between the open-plan office and the box.

Taylor Landis is the leading content marketing and compartment specialist for Skutchi Designs, a national office compartment manufacturer specializing in 2 unique compartment systems and an exclusive demountable partition system, presented by leading architects and designers from across the country.

Taylor writes about everything from office interior decoration to the installation of the booth to the office décor.

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